Artist Statement

From early on I have had a need to create or be a maker of things. When I create something that moves me from a piece of discarded wood I feel a great satisfaction. I love handmade objects as opposed to mass produced, it helps define us as humans. It’s my way of countering a world that is increasingly choosing quantity over quality, disposable over long life.

The felled wood I work with was alive at one time and may have been destined for the fireplace but through my imagination and hands I work to bring life back into it. When a piece of wood is being shaped it takes on a purpose and is slowly re-born before my eyes. I love the feel and smell of the wood and easily get lost in the process. If I’m lucky, someone else will feel the connection I did and want to hold it and take it home with them. That is the one of the main reasons I create . When in my studio surrounded by my wood, tools and music, I am in my comfort zone, it is where I want to be.